Meet your Physical Therapist


Bianca graduated in 2006 with a Masters degree in Science of Physical Therapy and has been practicing as a licensed Physical Therapist in New Jersey for 14 years. She has honed her expertise in a variety of settings including acute care hospital, in-patient rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities,outpatient physical therapy and home care in Bergen County.

Bianca brings a vast knowledge of physical therapy interventions that are applied to a variety of stages of recovery that range from the acute phase of injury or illness to the community reintegration or return to work/sports phase.

She strives to consistently evolve her practice and stay informed of the latest evidence-based treatments by attending continuing education courses frequently throughout the US.

Bianca is a member of the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) and The APTANJ.

While working at Englewood Hospital Bianca started her journey working with Breast Cancer and Lymphedema patients. She is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and has been very successful in treating patients with chronic Lymphedema.

Through her work as a home care therapist Bianca has also become involved in working with patients with Parkinson’s Disease and other movement related disorders. She is a Certified LSVT BIG Therapist. She has had excellent results with the LSVT Big program and is grateful for the opportunity to have a positive impact in the lives of many individuals living with the devastating Parkinson’s condition.

On a more personal note Bianca is an avid yoga student and strongly believes that healing is a physical as well as a spiritual journey; that the body will achieve what the mind believes and that this connection is crucial to healing and to staying healthy. Bianca is currently pursuing her Medical Therapeutic Yoga teacher certification training and incorporates much of the ancient practice of yoga into her Physical Therapy practice. This combined approach aims to bridge the mind-body connection while allowing for optimal healing and wellness.

Although Bianca is grateful for the experience she has gained while practicing at different settings, she has longed for a practice where she can give her patients the attention, time and skilled care needed for optimal healing, hence the establishment of Movement and Flow Physical Therapy, a practice where one can expect individualized, skilled and compassionate care.